New Mission Impossible Gadget for the Exam Room


ikey-wearable-keyboardI know this is actually meant for the military, but I can see this in exam rooms hooked up to optical equipment. It’s not really a Ninja Gadget, but it looks like something a Ninja would wear.

AUSTIN, Texas, July 14 /PRNewswire/ — In critical situations, instant and reliable communication is imperative. iKey’s new AK-39 keyboard is designed to be worn on the arm, providing a simple, compact human interface device (HID) that doesn’t restrict a soldier’s movement.

The ruggedized, wearable keyboard is designed to meet MIL-461 standards and is intended for use in very harsh electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments. Its small-footprint design features all of the essential components for military applications, including a pointing device utilizing Force Sensing Resistor(TM) (FSR) technology with left- and right-button functionality, and adjustable green LED backlighting that is also available with night vision (NVIS) compatibility.

“The AK-39 is the most functional and versatile wearable keyboard available with robust EMI performance,” Pete Fuselier, iKey’s engineering manager, said. “And because it is designed and built to the high standards of iKey products, it is ruggedized to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as rain, dirt and extreme temperatures.”

The AK-39 is built with a USB cable that is available in both left- and right-arm configurations. Its lightweight plastic case easily adheres onto a Velcro arm strap that is sized to fit over bulky combat clothing, and has a curved back for arm comfort. The strap is available in two styles: one that affixes directly over the forearm, and one that includes a thumb loop for added stability.

Measuring 6.91″ x 3.06″ x 0.81″ (w-h-d), the keyboard’s efficient, 39-key pad eliminates clutter by providing only the most commonly-used keys and utilizes a secondary legend accessed by the function key. The AK-39 is ruggedized to meet NEMA 4X standards, withstanding water, debris and dust, and operates in extended temperature ranges of

-40C to +70C. Designed with gloved users in mind, its snap-on faceplate eliminates accidental key strokes and can be easily removed to clean the pad.

For more information on the AK-39 and other military keyboards from iKey, visit, or call (800) 866-6506.

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