New Cash Infusion For Contact Lens Company


Mark’ennovy Personalized Care, a European-based provider of precision contact lenses, recently announced the completion of its “significant debt and equity funding package”. Partnering with Bond Capital Partners, a London-based, independent investor, and advisor to small and medium-sized business, which has now acquired a notable interest in the group along with Alantra, a global mid-market investment banking, and asset management firm is providing more debt finance.

Mark’ennovy founded in Madrid now distributes contact lenses in 37 countries, including Australia starting this past May with the promise of offering its more than one billion separate parameter combinations on the local market. Mark’ennovy specializes in individually crafted lenses that have their diameters, base curves, spheres, cylinders, axes and additions tailored specifically to each patient. The unique approach has seen the company expand from 30 employees to almost 200 since it was established in 1997.




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