Never Forget: In Memory of 9/11


I can remember exactly where I was on 9/11. It was about 7 am PST, I was in front of my computer answering email. All of a sudden my neighbors came out and started screaming turn on the TV…. Which I did and from that point on the date was spent watching in horror. The planes flying into the towers, people screaming, running- I can still see it. Later that night, the the neighbors all got together to mourn, to wonder, to cry and rejoice in each other.

For those of us and especially those in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, we will never forget. Metal Art Concept pays tribute to Ground Zero in this remarkable work of art frame. The temples show Broadway, Church Street and Ground Zero in New York.


NY- Metal-Art-Ground-Zero


Metal Art Concept is an eyewear manufacturer based in Switzerland.

Aspire MidPage June 19