National Sunscreen Day May 27 Or Don’t Fry Day


I burned, I oiled, I sweated and toiled to achieve the ultimate sun tan.. and while my dermatologist loves me, the price to be paid is ongoing. National  Sunscreen Day is May 27.. and we should be wearing the big 3: Hats, Sunscreen and SUNGLASSES. What can you do? I think I would contact your local dermatologist, hand them a bunch cards, educate the doc and staff about the fact Sunscreen is more than a lotion and hats.. Protect your #1 Sense.. the eyes!


  • American Melanoma Foundation
  • National Council on Skin Care Prevention



Kala Mid Page


  1. I know what you mean, even in Junior High (Middle School for you young ones) we used to mix baby oil and iodine, sit in the sun and literally sizzle. Cringing right now as I think about it… We can never have enough reminders to use sunscreen and our SUNGLASSES!

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