National Save The Frog Day: April 26

Image: General Eyewear

April 26, 2014 is National Save The Frog Day. OK, you may think yuk! But let me tell you why frogs are important.. they eat flies and other insects that are annoying and would overpopulate. Just the fact they eat flies… I am all for them. I also love this Frog Eyewear that is probably from Anglo American or Oliver Goldsmith.

Image: General Eyewear
Frog Eyewear: Image: General Eyewear

Frog Eye Bogglers:

  • Frogs use their eyes to swallow food, hence the blinking while eating.
  • Frogs have excellent vision and hearing, depending on their vision and hearing to catch food.
  • The bulging eyes sitting on the top of the Frogs head.. that gives them a wide range of vision, which they need because they cannot turn their heads.
  • Frogs do not have a lot of depth perception
  • Most frogs also have a nictitating membrane, or a thick film that covers and protects the eye while the frog is underwater.

And yes, Frogs along with other amphibians are on the verge of extinction due to humans, deforestation, pesticides, pollution, habitat loss, climate change, over harvesting and disease.  So if you see a Frog, treasure it.

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