Must Have: Schiaparelli Emotion Pins


I know many of you are sick and tired of all the eyeball and eyeglass goodies that we are constantly seeing on Facebook and Pinterest. Until now: From Maison Schiaparelli these “Rainbow of Emotions” brooches, are stunning and I have never seen anything like them. And quite honesty would expect nothing less from one of my favorite designers of both clothing and eyewear.

As you can see by the face, each eye comes with irises and eyelashes with expressive eyebrows.  Using enameling, pavé settings with Swarovski crystals, you can definitely see and feel the emotions.

Schiaparelli-Emotion Brooch

Schiaparrelli-Eye Brooch

Schiaparilli-Emotion Brooch


Schiaparelli-Emotion Brooch



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