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I was doing this Multiple Pair seminar about a year ago. I always ask the questions, how many pair of shoes do you own? How many purses- then I asked How many I-Pods do you own? One woman owned 4 I-Pods! That was a first!. Did you know the average woman (16-21 years) has 25-40 pair of shoes, A woman (25-50 years) has 40-60 pair of shoes. Do you know the average woman purchased 4 purses in 2004. When I go to buy a new suit, I buy the suit, (bottom and top) the matching shirt, matching accessories if need be and if I don’t have the right shoes, I go buy new shoes.

We can understand why people have multiple items of clothing, accessories, electronics, jewelry, even dishes! Yet for some reason, do not offer the consumer the same choices in their eyewear.

One of the biggest challenges today is filling the needs of the customer with multiple pairs of eyewear. Often dispensers believe that patients want and need only pair of eyeglasses, while in many cases, additional products such as  sunglasses, half eyes and computer glasses are needed. Patients are happy to purchase a second third pair when it suits their needs. Patients today want all their options presented, and see this as part of the professionalism of an office.

Eyewear is one of the most cost- effective purchases a consumer can make today. Look at why people buy eyewear:
•    To help them see better, smarter, older, younger, different
•    To enhance their image
•    To set trends. make a fashion statement
•    For occupational reasons
•    For recreational reasons
•    For lifestyle reasons
•    For performance reasons

Reality Checks 

  • The average person spends about $1500 a year on apparel. Apparel they will only wear 10 times a year.

Yet only spend $200.00 for a pair of glasses they will wear everyday for almost two years.

  • The Average American spends from $2,000 to $10,000 on cosmetics to make them look and feel better

Yet, an updated, colorful pair of glasses or contacts can do much more than makeup or even plastic surgery.

The Multiple Pair Sale is very simple- Find the Need and Fill it. 

Step One

  • Seat the patient and open a conversation about their Rx needs. Ask questions about the patient, their needs and lifestyle.

“Mr. Brown, may I ask you what you do for a living? How do you spend your leisure time? What type of special hobbies or sports activities do you actively engage in?”

Mr. Brown respond: He works in a bank, and is in a bicycling group. Because Mr. Brown does close work, he needs bifocals and you have just discovered he needs several pair of glasses.

1. Occupational, progressive bifocals, computer glasses at work
2. Second pair for his home office
3. Performance pair for his bicycling activities
4. Sunglasses for driving

Step Two: 

  • Bring up multiple pair options. Never prejudge the patient. You do not know whether Mr. Brown owns the bank, has inherited money, spouse has money etc…Inform Mr. Brown of products available.

Step Three 

  • Position eyewear as more than a medical appliance. It is a fashion accessory that represents fashion, status, image, enhancing looks and clothing. The same hold true for eyewear as well as shoes, purses, ties and other fashion accessories.

You say:

“Mr. Brown, I understand. What do you know about the special lens that we have that will help you see not only the items on your desk as well as your distance?”

From that point you continue presenting the lens types that go with the frame types.

Step Four 

  • Market sunglasses, sports, safety, half eyes, color and trendy eyewear as fashion accessories as well as performance options. You are still not done. Once that sale has been made, you proceed with the recreational needs.

“Now how about your sunglasses? Do you have them with you today? Well the prescription in these may be too old for you to continue to wear them. Let me check what your prescription is.”

‘Let’s talk about your bicycling’ What are you using now?’ We have special lenses designed for active persons such as you.”..

Step Five

  • Most stores have multiple pair pricing packages. Point out any 2nd pair or lens packaging options or discounts.

Step Six

  • Close the Sale

Other Options 

  • Present different colors in tandem with different outs. Color coordination is the perfect way to present multiple pair options. Winter outfits represent traditionally different colors than summer outfits.
  • Use Lenses as a multi-pair selling tool. Like frames, lens options offer multi-pair selling opportunities.
  • Sell the ‘spare pair’ concept. Having one pair, especially with patients that have higher prescriptions, can be risky. A second pair provides patient security.
  • Examine old frames and help customer understand fit, color, size, style and age of old products.

A Job Well Done 

What did you do?

1. You identified real and perceived needs.

•    Making yourself a eyewear consultative
•    Increased your professionalism

2. You communicated your knowledge and expertise
•    Increased your professionalism

3. Demonstrated your products
•    Gave your customers options/ thus increasing customer service

4. Explained the benefits of owning various pairs of eyeglasses for special activities
•    Lens performance, fashion, value for price, and delivery

5. You gave your customer an opportunity to buy the best
•    You did not prejudge
•    You pleased your customer

6. You did not sell him ‘multiple pairs’
•    You Rx’d him value, comfort, convenience and good service

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  1. I love this article. However, we must understand that only a small percentage of Opticians live the “High Life”.A small percentage are into fashion & high end products.When you do not LIVE tha game-it’s hard to play the game. Not only in their shops buat also personal lives. And the customer can tell who is playing the game & who is not.If you are wearing “Dockers” …it’s hard to sell better goods. In fact-in todays’ biz, you have to assume that the patient IS going to purchase more than one frame. Knowing the “BRANDS” & what the customer is wearing is important. Do they wear status watches? Status Handbags, such as Louis Vitton, Coach? Not that Coach frames are quality-but the bags are an indication what is important to that customer. I write an article-“IPOD or EYEWEAR”? As this author of this article has explained very well….the amount of money consumers spend on electronics & how many they have. The #1 blue jean for ladies is “7 for ALL Mankind” starting @ $165 retail.
    Having publications such as Women’s Wear Daily in your shops is important. It shows that you know!! Not field & stream. You have to raise the bar & FORCE YOUR GROWTH!!
    Just like when Essilor came out with Physio 360-you can only purchase 360 with Crizal. They have forced your growth by doing so. I felt Physio should have been positioned the same way. Especially from a production standpoint. Lead by example. How many different frames are you wearing on a weekly basis? I travel with 14 frames…12 in a tray…one on my face & a suglass on my DeSuave chain around my neck. I lead by example…so should the optical community. Get the PASSION back. Yes retail is grinding….the customer can sense your passion…or lack of it.
    I applaud this author on this article.This took a lot of time & organization to write. AA standing ovation is deserved.

  2. […] Patients that walk through the doors of your dispensary may have one thing on their mind. “Get what I want and get out.” It’s the optician’s responsibility to make the patient think, “Get what I NEED and get out.” There’s an unbelievable selection of lenses that are available! Patients need the professionalism and knowledge of an optician to help them sort out which will be the most helpful!  Patients have visual needs in the car, in the office, at home, and at play! Read more about Multiple Pairs Sales from CATHY at The Optical Vision Site. […]

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