More Than 157 Million Americans Plan To Celebrate Halloween

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The latest National Retail Federation’s Halloween Consumer Spending Survey, by Prosper Insights & Analytics reported that total spending on Halloween in 2015 should reach $6.9 Billion.


Eye Bogglers

  • $2.5 billion on store-bought, homemade, large and small costumes.
  • 68 million Americans will dress up this Halloween
  • 20 million pet owners will dress up their pet.
  • $74.34 average person will spend
  • $27.33 average on costumes
  • $1.2 billion Adult Costumes
  • $950 million on children’s costume
  • $350 million on pets

When Do They Start Shopping?

  • 34% will start shopping before first week of October Creative Commons Creative Commons
  • 40.9% will start in the first half of the month
  • 25% will wait for the final weeks of October.

Where they get inspiration

  • 31.4% will to to costume shops and retail stores
  • 13.3% will get inspired by Pinterest


What They Will Do

  • 93.7% Halloween shoppers will buy candy, spending $2.1 billion
  • 67% will hand out candy
  • 43% will dress in costume.
  • 33.5% will buy greeting cards, spending $330 million.
  • 44.8% will decorate their home or yard
  • 41% of people planning to carve pumpkins
  • 31.5% will have or attend a party

Halloween is always a fun time, whether you like to dress up or not. Get your Freddy Kruger on and start scaring up some fun Trick and Treats for your patients and staff.


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