Meerkat v.s Periscope v.s Blab For Eyecare Professionals


There are a few new social media platforms that you can engage your customers in, Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab. While I have not participated in any of the platforms, I know Daily Optician uses Meerkat to do their live interviews with great success.

Meerkat– Is an online live stream platform that has about 2 million users. You download it from the app store and start speaking or recording. If you are a attendee at a show, you can tape it and upload to your website.

Periscope– the other lifestream broadcasting platform with about 10 million users. It was bought by Twitter for $100 Million.

Blab is the latest platform in which 4 people can engage in a video stream. According to experts Blab offers more engagement.

Event Rebels
Event Rebels

What do these platforms have to do with you? The benefits of Live streaming are numerous. Great way to interact with your patients, allow for Q&A, do a behind the scene type of video LIVE.

With Blab I could see using this for staff meetings, interviews, trunk shows. Even having a speciality speaker on Glaucoma, health with 3 vetted patients. Attending a class, that others might be interested in, film it and let them comments or ask questions. Use for training purposes, just add a few people.

Even in the medical sense. You could be blabbing in a consult with another doctor and your patient. Miss your kids school meeting, Blab it on via live streaming. Hundreds of ways to use this.

What we know, video is hot and the continued wave of the future. Think about how many times you wish that another person was there.

I am certainly not the expert in any of these. Therefore  have pulled together some articles which might help you make some marketing decision about whether to use live stream marketing and how to make it work. What we know that is this a big trend, and  I think you will see more and more of this going into the future.

The question is do you want to avail yourself of this technology now and be an early adopter or wait?



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