May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month


May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Again we have another great opportunity article from the defogit blog. motorcycle-eye-chart

Eye Bogglers

  • Motorcycle Industry Council:  A&R‘s home market has posted a 2.6% gain over the figures from 2011, with OEMs selling 452,386 motorcycles in 2012.
  • The most common motorcycle fatality: The most common cause of motorcycle fatalities in accidents is head injury.
  • Motorcycle fatalities per year: Over 4,000 people die in motorcycle accidents each year. In 2008, a record of 5,209 fatalities occurred due to motorcycle accidents.
  • The number of women motorcycle operators in the U.S. has increased slowly to about 7.2 million of about 27 million overall in 2009, according to the latest survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council

Pull off the tarps, crank up the engine! The spring sun is shining, and the motorcycles are roaring. That’s why May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. To be safe, you have to see safe. And the National Transportation Safety Board includes these eye-openers.

  1. Beware of blind spots. Motorcycles are small and can get hidden in a vehicle’s blind spot. Riders – be sure to signal and drive defensively.
  2. Look twice! Car drivers – don’t miss a rider in your blind spot. Double-check mirrors and over your shoulder when changing lanes and at intersections.
  3. Watch the speed. Drivers often misjudge the speed and distance of approaching motorcycles; their small size muddles our perception. Chances are a bike is approaching faster than you think.
  4. Protect your head – and your vision – with a helmet. Helmets save lives – there’s no doubt about it. If you’re wearing a helmet with a visor, you’ll block grit and bugs from your face and eyes, too.
  5. Always keep a weather look-out. Rain-slick roads are hazardous to anyone on the road and especially motorcyclists. If you’re wearing a helmet with a visor, that dampness can mean fogging. So can hot and humid weather.

IncrediRides sees – and recommends – the Defog It difference.

Whether for safety or just enjoying the ride, the product reviewers at IncrediRides put their seal of approval on Defog It antifog for a clear view. “We originally saw your product in an issue of Motorcyclist magazine and thought it would be something we could also review and let our readers know about,” says Brandon O’Brian, IncrediRides co-founder. Here are a few highlights that got us revved up.

  • “We tested Defog It a few different ways. One was while riding our motorcycle in 30 and 40 degree weather (prime for fogged visors), another was while spring skiing in Park City, Utah for 5 days (again, very moist and cool conditions which are prime for fogging goggles)
  • ”“While riding in the cold and skiing in messy conditions both our visor and goggles stayed clear.
  • ”“After using Defog It for a few months we can certainly say we’re hooked. This is going to be a must-have in our gear bags from now on. If you’re looking for a product to help keep the fog off of your visors, Defog It gets our recommendation!”
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