Marketing Tips From JINS Marketing Mavens


Every year I wait for the next big thing from JINS. If you don’t know JINS or haven’t visited the USA Flagship store in San Francisco, they are an amazing Japanese optical chain. When they felt their market of 290+ stores was starting to flatten, they expanded into China and then the United States.

What more importantly it seems what they do is take “A” solution based concept and market the hell out of it. They send press releases, they get written about in all sorts of tech, fashion, news magazines, pretty much their stories go viral.

Here is a timeline of their marketing: This is not necessarily when the press release came out, just when we posted it.

4/2016 JINS Eyewear announced the launch of JINS SCREEN NIGHT, new glasses designed to protect the eyes from prolonged use of digital devices. These glasses filter out blue light and may help improve the quality of sleep.

JINS SCREEN NIGHT May Help You Sleep Better (PRNewsFoto/JINS)
JINS SCREEN NIGHT May Help You Sleep Better (PRNewsFoto/JINS)

2/2016 JINS in collaboration with Bandai for Anime Sailor Moon Crystal. Fashion and trend aspect.

July 22/2015 JINS Eyewear Launches JINS SCREEN For Digital Eye StrainFunctionality and eye health Solution based marketing appealing the growth and press about Digital Eye Strain. /As of November 15, 2015 we have sold over 6 million pairs of JINS PC (now JINS SCREEN※2) – eyewear designed for PC users – after they were first introduced in 2011, establishing a new practice and simultaneously developing a new eyewear market for eyeglasses that offer functions other than vision correction. ‘

5/2/15 Design Your Own Eyeglass App By JINS This was released in Feb of 2015 and called J!NS Paint. Solution: Customize and apps are big trend. Allowing customisation of spectacles via a smartphone app with over 50 types of eyeglasses to choose from, which can be further customised with the consumers’ own photographs and texts, etc.


1/15 JINS Eyewear To Open Flagship Store In San Francisco

12/14 Eyewear Brand JINS Introduces JINS MEME Smart Eyewear to U.S. Market

8/14 Jins releases Rilakuma PC Glasses- One of their ‘cute’ and fashion eyewear glasses. 

5/14 Eyewear That Tells You Are Tired: Jin’s Meme Smart Glasses


12/14/12 Japan’s Eyewear Vending MachinesWe have been posting about eyewear vending machines since 2009 and one of our top requests we get. Where to get Eyewear Vending machines. Right on the money here, and this went viral


In 2011 they started marketing Functional Eyewear…  a series of eyeglasses with the feature “to protect your eyes and help you see better,” which made eyewear beneficial even for people who did not require eyeglasses for vision correction.

12/12 Pollen Fever Eyewear Solution based marketing. Who doesn’t have allergies. Once again marketing via problem solving. (Released in 20111)

7/11 J!NS Eyewear For Dry Eyes And Computer Users.Dry Eye back in 2011 was just starting to make an impact. They were not the first to offer this type of solution, they were the first to advertise it big time.

jins1-Dry Eye

11/10 Eyewear Design-Architect Series Eyewear– Over the year we have seen the growth of two different markets 1.) Collaborations with various types of artists, designers, decorators 2.) Punky-Funky Eyewear, this is eyewear to be worn as a stand out accessory statement. Stevie Boi, A Morrir, Mecura NYC, Coco and Breezy started to make impactful statements at this time.

What else? 

We strive to be a company that can satisfy all of our customers through continuously providing products and services full of innovation and surprises. We want to be a brand that contributes to enhancing the quality of life of people in Japan and around the world with eyewear. We also want our workplaces to offer the best operating environment and opportunities for all our employees and their families. All of these objectives reflect JINS’ corporate philosophy that recognizes the significance of maximizing shareholder value.

What does that mean to eyecare professionals?

They have two focussed campaigns a year. Functionality and Fashion. They market each completely. Press releases, in store signage, images. It is a simple concept that is not all about the noise.

Eyecare  professionals can do the exact same thing. You are 100’s of product that you can focus on. Some may be gimmickly, some may not. Relook at what you are marketing and perhaps do a re-Focus.



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