Marketing Optical Products in a Bad Economic Climate


Savvy marketers can use any situation to advantage. Case in point, the latest milk mustache ad is featuring financial adviser Suze Orman and the tag line is “Milk your budget”. The text talks about the great value of milk. The emphasis is on the value rather than actual cost which is pretty smart when shoppers are more budget conscious. The ad does not cheapen the product but emphasizes value.

 When it comes to eye wear just because optical consumers are more value conscious right now that doesn’t mean they no longer want fashion and function. Of course they do although most are going to be more budget conscious but that does not mean slashing prices either. New eyeglasses can be a fashion accessory used every day, unlike a new purse or item of clothing. So instead of buying that Prada handbag, they can get an eye exam and buy those Prada ophthalmic eyeglasses for less than the cost of the handbag and be taking care of themselves. I wish I could afford this purse but maybe I will go for those frames instead! I personally believe that many designer frames offer incredible value compared to other products with the same brand name and this can be a good marketing strategy for optical retail. Consumers  are cutting back on expenditures, including optical purchases, but if they see great value they will buy on value perception and justify that purchase because it does offer value.

Prada 2009 ad campaing
Prada 2009 ad campaing
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