Marketing For National Police Week May 11, 2015


National Police Week starts May 11. The stereotypical police office is known for donuts. So how did the stereotype of cops and donuts start? Most likely it is not from The Simpsons, Police Academy and Family Guy. It stems back to the 1950’s when cops walked a beat and they needed a place to sit down. Whether to rest, do paperwork or eat, most of the places tended to be small cafes all which had donuts.

What can eyecare professionals do to honor our men in blue? Here is a thought: why not open your office up to law enforcement on that day for free coffee and doughnuts? You could do a raffle, a trunk show serving what else but donuts. Even if you do nothing, we hope you will honor our peace officers that try to keep our world safe.

police eye chart

If you want to see more cops with donuts check out the website The Police Daily , where they post pictures of police officers posing with their donuts.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage