Marketing For American Made Matters Day


American Made Matters, is an organization dedicated to educating consumers on the AMM_Final_webTagimportance of buying American-made products, They are holding their annual American Made Matters Day on November 19. This is an official ‘holiday’ in Pennsylvania and Colorado with resolutions before other states.

The purpose of this day/ event is for consumers to buy at least one U.S.-made product on this day, and to encourage consumers to buy made-in-USA products throughout the upcoming holiday season to show their support for US manufacturing.

Don Rongione, President and Founder of American Made Matters, says, “Buying American made products creates jobs, stronger communities, independence and security for our country, an improved national economy, safer products, and a more environmentally friendly planet. Each of us can make a difference every time we make a purchase. American Made Matters Day was created as a call to action to use our individual purchasing power on November 19 and during the holiday shopping season to make a difference for our future.”

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that every $1 spent on American-made goods invests an additional $1.32 in the U.S. economy. ‘If Americans dedicated just a small portion of their holiday shopping budget to buying American-made goods, it could have a very positive impact on our economy. In fact, according to ABCNews, if each American family spent just an extra $49.95 on American-made goods, the spending would generate 150,000 American jobs.’ (America Matters)

To start promoting for the holidays, start in October or early November. Promoted along with  Buying Local (Small Business Saturday) can make a powerful statement. Pull out your 4th of July display materials and reuse then by making up a display of your American Made Products.

  1. Join forces with a local Made in USA manufacturer and cross promote via displays in each other’s offices. This can be a food company, a jewelry company.. be creative, this is about bringing local manufacturing back to the USA and cross promoting.
  2. Have a Trunk Show with an American Made Eyewear company. Might consider bringing in a Vision-Ease Lens Rep, as Coppertone Lenses are made in the USA.
  3. Put American Made Signage up on any of your products that are made in the USA. Little Flags go a long way.
  4. Make a list of your Local Made In.. companies and distribute to your customers.
  5. Promote on Social Media. Instagram or feature local companies via each others website.
  6. Reach out to local Made In and offer discounts to employees.
  7. Send Press Releases to local media and press. Call radio and TV stations.. this is pretty big deal and they love feature local companies.

The appeal is to consumers and users that do want to support local business. They may not know you yet.. this is one way to get to know you and build a relationship. Best of all, it is one way to compete with online retailers.

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