March Calendar of Events For EyeCare Professionals

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March is a big month for Eye Care Professionals as it is SAVE YOUR VISION Month. It is the start of spring and one of the SAve Sitebest ways to save your vision is to get a pair of sunglasses. Other suggestions: Eat Healthy not just for eye health, lets talk about Bikini Season a horror for most women.  Posting recipes, Wellness tips and more are perfect for those intending get rid of Winter Excesses.

We have designated what type of post they are, marketing or fun for your convenience.

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To Do

March 1- Dolphin Awareness Month- There is a few Dolphin Trivia on our Pinterest Board called Animal Eyes. (Consumer) National Dolphin Day is April 14th. #Dolphin#Eyes

March 1 – Employee Appreciation Day . (Management) Also March 7 is designated Employee Appreciation Day. In my mind everyday should be Employee Appreciation Day. #Appreciate #Employees.

March 1- National Pig Day (Fun)

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March 3- National Sales Person Day. Good Day to thank your reps. It is also Unique Name Day.. what could you do with that one!

March 4- International Shoe Day- (Marketing Event)- A Day Without Shoes A Day without Shoes is April 5th. Many things you can do for this day: Run a shoe donation and give to local shelters.

March 6: Dress in Blue Day: (Marketing) Try sharing your favorite blue frames, blue tints and even blue contact lenses.

March 7- The Day The Telephone Was Patented- Fun post on the History of Telephone Eyewear  as opposed to RIP August 2nd for Alexander Graham Bell, with more images of Telephone Eyeglasses.

March 11- No Smoking Day- (Health) There are lots of info graphics you can share about Smoking and Eye Health.

March 13- National Ear Muff Day – (Fun) We did a history of Ear Muff Eyewear, a fun post.

March 14- Is Learn About Butterflies Day- (Fun) Good post for butterfly eyes and Butterfly Eyeglasses.

March 16- Endangered Species Day (Also May 18) (Give Back) There are tons of info graphics on this post. Google endangered species info graphics and many will come up.  You could also have a jar for contributions to a ‘species’ of your choice.

March 16- National Crochet Week- March 16. Have a Crochet Party  (Marketing Event) and Knitting for Charity (Give Back) We have a few examples of Crocheted, Knitted and Fabric Frames on our Pinterest Board Fabulous Fabric’d Frames. 

March 17- Is St. Patricks Day- We do this post every year from marketing, to merchandising and recipes to eyewear. Put St. Patricks Day in Search on either one of the sites.

March 18- Is Awkward Moment Day (Fun) Hmm.. couldn’t wait to read those comments on Facebook.

March 19- Vision Expo East- New York

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National Crochet Week Starts March 16. Found on

March 19- National Panda Day- (Optifun)  Pandas Looking For Contact Lens  (also an endangered Species)

March 23- National Puppy Day– (Marketing) Bring your puppy to work? Share your puppy pictures on FB/

March 26- Diabetes Alert Day- and an Infographic on Beating Diabetes (Health)

March 26- Purple Day-(Event)

March 26– National Spinach Day- Infographic  (Health)

March 30th- Doctor Day (Fun)

There are a ton of daily events that you can utilize to inspire and engage your patients. Have fun this month and hopefully we will see you at Vision Expo East.

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