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It seems that the subject continually comes up as to eyewear products that are made in the USA. This is our 2nd annual update of Made in USA eyecare products. This may not be as complete as we like, but we keep trying:  I would recommend you read wikipedia here to get a Cliff Notes version. ‘The Made in USA mark is a country of origin label indicating the product is “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. The label is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)….

‘Technically speaking’ any lab can be classified as made in the USA although the frame is from China, the lens from Taiwan, because it was fabricated in the USA. (Good selling point for your patients). You might be able to use the same argument for FreeForm lenses is manufactured in the USA. (


Trend Alert: Alliance for American Manufacturing 2011 poll;

  • Over 90% of Americans are “favorable” or “very favorable” towards Made in America products.
  • 66% of Americans are feeling “very favorable” towards companies that manufacture in the USA, up by 44%.

Marketing: Made In USA; here are some examples of how other optical professional are marketing made in the USA. If you are using any of the below products or others we have not named, shout to the world, make a special section ‘Made In The USA’ product, Facebook it, Tweet it.. See where I am going?

  • Visionworks (Eyecare Centers of America) is marketing their MADE In USA label.  ‘you’ve bought a pair of glasses from Visionworks, chances are that eyewear was made in Schertz. The facility just outside San Antonio is a testament to the company’s desire for their product to be made in America. Helping people see the world more clearly is the mission of HVHC, Inc., the parent company of Visionworks, formerly Eyemasters ‘
  •; All Peerless Optical prescription eyeglasses are made in the USA. Utilizing the most technologically advanced materials, manufacturing and marketing methods, ..
  •; Currently, we’re featuring eyewear made by Shuron USA,

Eyewear Directory 

  •  Anni Shades Alliance, OH  Wood Eyewear (Launch Jan. 2011) Twitter, Facebook.
  • Capitol Eyewear (USA, 2010) wood eyewear, Twitter and Facebook
  • Drift Eyewear (Launched 2010 Wood and Acetate, FSC Certified wood and gives back to 1% for the Planet. They also are at Vision Expo.
  • Eye Shoulda (CO) Custom handmade wood eyewear . Facebook, Twitter and a Blog
  • iWood (KY) (Louisville, KY) Eco Friendly wood eyewear,
  • MoonWoods (Washington) Collaboration of Various Artists who make wood eyewear and jewelry
  • Proof Eyewear (Eagle, ID) wood sunwear, donates back to eye hospitals, deforestation in Haiti and eyeglass
  • Shwood Eyewear (Canby, OR)  Handmade reclaimed wood eyeglasses, skateboard deck sunglasses and now making limited edition eyeglasses from Irish Whiskey barrels. Facebook, Twitter
  • Sires Eyewear- (CA) 2010-Eco Friendly biodegradable wood eyewear, Support Trees For the Future
  • Timber (Dana Point, CA) Launch October 2011. Eco Friendly eyewear made with sustainable bamboo, skateboard deck waste. Plants trees for every frame sold.
  • Urban Spectacles (Chicago, IL) Handmade Wood Spectacles, eyewear made from records and bicycles. Eco Friendly eyeglasses
  • Wooden Specs Studio (Indianapolis, IN) New company-Wooden eyewear
  • WoodZee (2011) (USA) Wood Eyewear
  • Good Wood Eyewear (New York) Launch 2011 for wood Eyewear
  • Etsy has several ‘crafters’ selling wood eyewear, including tumbleweedoddities. 
  • Meteor is making their buffalo Horn eyewear in the USA, although the buffalo horn is imported
  • Liquid Eyewear is made in San Diego and arizona-
  • Extreme Glare Sunglasses (made in California)
  • Kala is made in the USA (California)
  • Indivijual Eyewear (Abileen, TX) Handmade, one of a kind, upscale eyewear. Facebook
  • Lee Allen Eyewear (Fall River, MA) handmade eyewear using recycled materials, Eco Optical, Bespoke Eyewear, Blog
  • Rare Frames (NY, NY) custom vintage eyewear by Nader Zadi, Bespoke eyewear
  • Frieze Frames (California) just launched their Americana Collection of Eyewear made in the USA.
  • Shuron; is still made in the USA
  • Randolph Engineering; could not get confirmation as to made in USA.

Special Note: Revision Eyewear; Could not get an answer, says made in USA, but they said in an email lenses are made in USA. (another spin), The same goes for Oakley, ESS eyewear, American Optical (no confirmation) Gatorz- various sources say they are made in the USA, but I could not get a confirmation.yah just don’t know.

Made In The USA
  • Visionease lens Coppertone and LifeRX lenses are not only made in the USA, they are also made with renewable energy.
  • SunSensors by Corning: The monomer for SunSensors is Made In The USA.

Eyewear Accessories

  • Ficklets- eyewear charms is made in the USA. Ficklets is distributed by Rons Optical
  • Kleerspex –  Minneapolis, MN
  • Vizini- Eyeglass Visors is made in the USA. Vizini is distributed by Rons Optical
  • Croakies- is made in the USA
  • Optacaddy– eyeglass caddy  is made in the USA.
  • Nanofilm= DeFog-It, Clarity, EcoClens and more are made in the USA
  • Etsy, many of the crafts on Etsy are of course handmade in the USA



  • Bates Displays- All products are made in the USA
  • Fashion Optical– All products are made in the USA and offer eco-friendly bamboo displays.

Other USA Made Resources

  • Here is another source,but they don’t upkeep the information, I don’t really count anyone that doesn’t have Made in the USA on their website
  • You can go on Etsy for made in the USA, eyecase chains, cases and more.

What I think? – As cost of fuel, cost of Chinese Labor goes up coupled with consumer demand, you will see a shift back to American Made manufacturing.That said, we believe you should be promoting Made in the USA in your office, people do want to support their local resources and shame on those who don’t!


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  1. Your statement “‘Technically speaking’ any lab can be classified as made in the USA although the frame is from China, the lens from Taiwan, because it was fabricated in the USA” is faulty and actually wrong.

    From the website –

    “When is a qualified Made in USA claim appropriate?

    A qualified Made in USA claim is appropriate for products that include U.S. content or processing but don’t meet the criteria for making an unqualified Made in USA claim. Because even qualified claims may imply more domestic content than exists, manufacturers or marketers must exercise care when making these claims. That is, avoid qualified claims unless the product has a significant amount of U.S. content or U.S. processing. A qualified Made in USA claim, like an unqualified claim, must be truthful and substantiated.

    Example: An exercise treadmill is assembled in the U.S. The assembly represents significant work and constitutes a “substantial transformation” (a term used by the U.S. Customs Service). All of the treadmill’s major parts, including the motor, frame, and electronic display, are imported. A few of its incidental parts, such as the handle bar covers, the plastic on/off power key, and the treadmill mat, are manufactured in the U.S. Together, these parts account for approximately three percent of the total cost of all the parts. Because the value of the U.S.-made parts is negligible compared to the value of all the parts, a claim on the treadmill that it is “Made in USA of U.S. and Imported Parts” is deceptive. A claim like “Made in U.S. from Imported Parts” or “Assembled in U.S.A.” would not be deceptive.”

    You can say that the glasses were “assembled in usa,” but you would be lying if you said that the glasses were “made in the usa.” This is why Oakley has stopped printing “made in usa” on a lot of their sunglasses, because while they maybe assembled in the usa, they certainly are not manufactured here.

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