Luzerne Optical An Independent Optical Laboratory


One lab that I have heard about for over 30 years is Luzerne Optical, an independent optical surfacing lab based in Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania. Run by the Doughtery family for 41 years, they have weathered luzerne-optical-bldall sorts of storms (in more ways than one) and have consistently delivered service, products and innovation to the optical industry.

Let me tell you what else! They are adding on 26, 000 square feet.. to their already 20,000 square feet. Do you realize that qualifies them as a Bevelry Hills Mansion? or what we know as a Super Lab. I would call them innovators in the Optical Surfacing Lab category, making a commitment to provide eyecare professionals, an quality and easier lab experience.

As Innovators:

  • They have developed the first GLASS Free Form Lenses. While many of you don’t do glass, remember that glass lenses offers superior optics.
  • They offer Fashionable and Trendy colors in Polarized Lenses such as Blue, Rose ,Orange, Purple Amber and more.
  • One of of the first if not the first to offer Photo-Fashion Color Lenses which are color photo-chromatic lenses.  How fun is that and I want a pair.
  • Don’t turn away those wrap sunglasses, they offer Advanced wrap edging for Oakley, Rudy Project, Wiley X, etc.
  • Certified to process more leading brands of digital freeform lenses and AR coatings than any other lab in the U.S.

They are into Health And Safety

  • They are right on trend with eye health issues, introducing their Anti HEV Blue Light AR Coating. Luzcerne optical
  • They offer Nanofilm which is a Fog Free (safety) Sprays
  • They have Safety Eyewear

As one stop shopping (Saving money and time) 

  • Contact Lenses, contact lens supplies and solutions
  • Eyewear
  • Accessories, including Hilco and Chemistrie Magnetic Clip  Ons

Online Ordering just got easier

  • The utilize all the normal online ordering platforms
  • They are in all the buying groups
  • It’s own iPad dispensing system, iFDS (iFit Dispensing System).

What I like, is they are not content to just rest on 41 years of business, they are changing with the fast paced optical marketplace. Keeping up the changes is hard, but they have managed to do and offering products and services to eyecare professionals that give them options and choices and ways to become more profitable. We like it.




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