Low Winter Light and Low Vision it’s a Lemon!


The winter months can prove to be especially frustrating for people with low vision problems due to the reduced light both indoors and outdoors. Low Vision aids like  Low Vision UV filters can help! Lemon is an especially good filter color in low winter light as it:

  • Cocoons Lemon OveRx- 80% Light Transmission

    Maximizes brightness

  • Enhances contrast in low light
  • Improves visual acuity

Low Vision absorptive filters are specially developed tints designed to enhance vision for those that experience low visual acuity due to light sensitivity and/or inadequate levels of contrast. The inability of the eyes to deliver the appropriate level of contrast can often make reading, driving and other daily activities difficult. Low Vision filters help to manage the transmission levels of various lightwaves, which helps to improve the vision of those with various low vision conditions. For instance, by filtering out 100% of the blue light that reaches the eyes, low vision patients can achieve a greater level of contrast, which improves object definition. Live Eyewear’s Cocoons Low Vision absorptive filters are available in four specific tints, Boysenberry, Lemon, Orange, and Hazelnut, and are proven to increase visual acuity when used in conjunction with various visual impairments caused by eye diseases such as Glaucoma or Age Related Macular Degeneration.

Dave Dean of Live Eyewear is an expert on the subject of low vision filters please click this link to read more.


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  2. Very interesting, this information could really help a lot of people who don’t even know that they are struggling with low light issues. I think there is a a clear education need here!

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