Low Vision-An Eyecare Opportunity



Going online- I see so many site with low vision offerings, that I am quite surprised at how many eyecare offices don’t offer low vision aids. I’m not talking about readers and bifocals- it’s about magnifying glasses and mirrors, especially the mirrors- how else can low vision patients pluck their eyebrows or nose hairs without a magnifing mirror?

Low vision loss  refers to individuals who reported that they have trouble seeing, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses, as well as to individuals who reported that they are blind or unable to see at all.

Eye Bogglers: (From American Foundation for the Blind) (www.afb.org/Section.asp?SectionID=15&DocumentID=4398#numbers)

  • 20 million Americans report experiencing significant vision loss
  • 6.2 million seniors (65 years of age and over) who have vision loss. There are approximately 9 million Americans 45 to 64 years of age who have vision loss. As the 9 million baby boomers with vision loss continue to age, the number of seniors with vision loss will continue to grow substantially.
  • If Americans who have vision loss and are 25 years of age and over, 4.5 million have less than a high school diploma, 6.0 million have a high school diploma or a GED, 5.4 million have some college education, and 3.6 million have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Approximately 2.9 million people with vision loss live in the Northeast, 5.5 million live in the Midwest, 8.5 million live in the South, and 4.3 million live in the West

If you think about the above stats- somewhere in the neighbor of 1 out of 2o people need low vision aids, like magnifiers. If that is the case, why should you let them go to the drug store and pick up a cheap, potentially distorted magnifier?


This is what I think- you can help people and your bottom line by offering low vision aids to your patients and customers.


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  1. This Low Vision Opportunity post is on the mark. There is a market need and rewarding opportunity for optometrists who adjust to the demographic shift toward seniors and the accompanying incidence of low vision. To learn more, read the CHANGING WORLD OF LOW VISION (Link at http://www.teamwork-marketing.com)

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