Live From The Vision Council Meeting

Shawn Mery, Frank Giammanco (First Vision Media) Robbie Bell (Eye Coach) Bruce Solomon (Management Recruiters)

Shirley and I are here in Miami, Florida at the annual Vision Council Winter meeting. Meetings were all day with all the committees, Shirley and I took a long walk until the opening reception, lots of good networking and its always good to meet newcomers in the  optical industry.

Atmosphere is upbeat and people are positive about the optical industry, the  end of the recession. Even better for Shirley and I, last January at the meeting, most people didn’t know what blog was, and were sneering at Facebook and Twitter as a business tool.  We knew they would get around to social media, and would realize the potential and the effect to their business.  What a relief – now we can say we have a blog and people actually know what it is!!

Marika Bristol, (BCD), Geoff Moss (Eschenbach) Eve Zartman Ball (The Vision Council)

Yeah!! Better yet, people are asking our opinions on social media! The best, they finally know who we are!

Was great seeing old friends and making new optical friends. Best yet,  to be able to touch base with our sponsors who have supported us, in a casual and informative environment. No need to take their valuable time at a convention.

We are reminded when we come to these types of events of how lucky we are to be in such a great industry!

Dave Shute (SwitchVision) Cathy Ives

Tomorrow full steam ahead with workshops! and hopefully more pics, more people and more news.

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