Listen Up and Look Good


Most everyone is well aware of the scrap heap that has been smart glasses so far. While none of the myriads of companies dabbling in this sphere of wearable devices have ever claimed they perfected the marriage of eyewear and technology, we look forward to each new announcement to see how much closer they might be getting.

Last year Google introduced their second version of Google Glass, only this time it wasn’t aimed at hipsters trying to be their creepiest in a coffee shop, but as assisted reality on the factory floor. Snap just released their newest version of Spectacles this past week, adding a better camera and water resistance to their new model. We’ve written about other smart glasses as well as they have been introduced over the last several years.

This time we are particularly intrigued with this find, Zungle. Zungle makes sunglasses to listen to. These Bluetooth 5.0 enabled sunglasses are lightweight and provide open ear listening for music, phone calls, or any audio you might use your smartphone for through built-in Vibra speakers that transmit soundwaves to the skull via vibration, instead of through anything directed through the ear canal. The Zungle also has an A.I. command system that will allow you to communicate with SIRI or Google Assistance with the press of a button. No camera, no video screen. Just a way for you to look good while keeping your phone in your pocket.

The sunglasses are sold with a variety of interchangeable colored lenses to customize your look at will. The Zungle is available for discounted pre-order on their website.

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