List Of Educational Resources For Eyecare Professionals

Optician Works

hsinvestinpeopleThe question comes up over and over, how to train your staff and where to get optical- eyecare training. As eyecare professionals you have several choices, hire an experienced optician, para or tech or hire someone and train them yourselves. Both options have pros and cons. Experienced optician are not always the best and newbies take a lot of time, but you can train them your way.

We believe that no matter who you hire, training show be ongoing, with weekly or monthly mandatory ‘classes.’ Attending local educational events and trade shows should also be mandatory, whether they are ABO or not.

In Fact in recent surveys say 76% of employees want on the job training. (Source)

Many Resources Are Free  

Camber Lens
Camber Lens
  • Trade Magazines- offer many options and some ABO courses. Pick an article or course and make it part of a staff meeting.
  • Vendors– Many of your vendors currently offer CE or optical education via their websites.  Companies such as Hilco offer videos, companies such as Nanofilm, Camber Lens, Shamir, Signet Armorlite,
  • Your Reps– Reps are fountains of information. From product to merchandising to sales. Having a rep come in once a month to provide training is an effective way to beef up your staff meetings and train staff.
  • YouTube– Great videos on fitting and adjusting frames, frame repair, how glasses are made and more. When a patient asks you why these glasses are so expensive, you will be able to run them throughout the steps on how glasses are made without slave labor.  Spectacle  Eyeglasses  demonstrates an in store demonstration or from a Lab. How Prescription Eyeglasses Are Made  and Vizio- RX has a series of dispensing and fixing eyeglasses.
  • Ceeing is Believing by OD’s on Facebook via EyeCare Pro (This is not free)

Optician Training- Optical Staff, Para- Optometrics and Optometrists  

Optician Works
Optician Works

Practice Management 

 Contact Lens Manufacturers and Distributors Educational Resourcesall_about_vision

Contact Lens Education From Organizations and Trade Press

Contact Lens Fitting

  • Eye Dock- Reference guide for OD’s to find anything about contact lens and fitting difficult to fit lenses. It is a one stop shop to get the parameters of any manufacturer’s up to date list. $43 yearly fee
  • OD Specs

Contact Lens Ordering

  • Patient Wire– on line service for ordering replacement contact lenses using the ODs web site and manufacturers / distributors.

Consumer Friendly Eye Health Information

Trade Magazines 

There are many other resources. Most schools have online CE, there are Ski and Learn, Sail and Learn and Podcasts.




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