LIKE Me Please


Part 2 of Mike Karlsrud Buying Cycle Articles:  There are six phases in the buying cycle, and we have already talked about “know,” the first step in todays buying habits


The second phase is “like.” We have all heard the phrase that “people buy from those they like.”  Well, in todays buying environment, much of the determination of whether or not someone likes you is done in the absence of YOU!

It is well documented in several studies that watch consumer behavior that 60% of the buying cycle is done before the sales rep shows up to make a call.  If we apply that to a buying cycle that is also well defined, it tells us that consumers are gathering information about you, your business, services and reputation from sources you may know nothing about.  It is very important that we all take a look at our “webrutation” (web reputation) from time to time and see exactly what information is available on the social networks to understand what impressions are being presented about our company.

Like is function of what does your company represent or stand for.  Does it stand for high quality, great service, fair value, hi-tech, social concerns, industry concerns, consumer concerns?  In todays world of information, it ALL matters.  And, it doesn’t end with what folks are saying about you.

Every six months or so you should evaluate your web, blog and FaceBook pages.  Evaluate them subjectively and objectively, just as you would if you were visiting your site for the first time.  What do you see?  What do you feel when you look at the site?  Would you like to do business with this company?  If you honestly come away with “I really don’t know” or “It looks good or ok” then it is time to change it up.  Remember, once folks find you, they have to like you.  If you like the presence or face you present on the web, why should someone else who is just meeting you for the first time?


Guest Post by: Mike Karlsrud is an optical professional who “makes brands come alive” for optical practices nationwide.  He is owner of and

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