Liberty is celebrating its 90th Anniversary


Founded in 1929, following the US stock market crash that led to the Great Depression, two brothers began crafting eyeglass frames in their Newark, New Jersey basement. As Italian immigrants pursuing the American Dream, they built the company that would become known as Liberty Optical. 

In the 1950s, Liberty achieved mass-market success with iconic ophthalmic frame styles such as the Broker, Par, and Libby. Business boomed and operations expanded as Liberty became one of the largest optical manufacturers in the USA by 1964.

During the 1980s, Liberty led the charge to develop protective eyeglasses for athletes young and old. The distinctive look of Rec Specs goggles captured the public’s imagination as Hall of Fame athletes wore Rec Specs in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Over the last four decades, 9 out of 10 sport protective eyeglasses sold in the USA have been Rec Specs.

In the last two decades, Liberty expanded its product development mission with the engineering expertise developed from Rec Specs to introduce Performance Sunglasses Collections and the Switch Magnetic Interchange Technology line. Most recently, Liberty released the “Virtually Indestructible” Active Everyday Eyeglasses line, bringing the company back to its optical frame roots.

Launched in 2015, the Rec Specs Lab was established to produce Rx lenses that could address the vision protection and performance needs of athletes. Liberty now provides “Virtually Indestructible” complete frame and lens solutions for both youth and adults.

“I started at Liberty fresh from college and have been the CEO for 53 years,” says Anthony M. DiChiara, CEO & President Liberty. “Building on my Father and Uncle’s legacy, I am proud that we have continued their spirit of innovation, openness to change, and commitment to customer service. Those values and our core team, most of which have been with Liberty for decades, has allowed us to thrive for 90 years.”

 Today, Liberty remains committed to being at the forefront of Virtually Indestructible, Purpose-Built eyewear solutions that defend vision from injury and enhance vision performance. Liberty proudly embraces its “Heritage of Excellence” as a family owned and operated American company.

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