Lens Wars: Blue Light

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Blue Light is not a new issue. Anyone remember Blu-Blocker Sunglasses thirty years ago? In fact Serengeti was one of the first sunglass brands that’s focus on blocking blue light back in 1984 coming in the market with premium sunglasses in the mid 1990’s.  Blue Light issues are undergoing a resurgence and the consumer wants to know.

If you don’t know about Blue Light and the effects, you need to really study this issue, because the consumer is concerned and it should be brought up in your lens choice options. It was even a topic of testing in Consumer Reports.

Blue Light in Consumer Reports, January, 2016
Blue Light in Consumer Reports, January, 2016

The Effects of Blue Light (12,000,000+ hits on google) are being addressed online by numerous eyewear companies. Essilor is driving the sale on page 1 of google with paid ads for their companies.  Both Foster Grant and Eyezen are owned by Essilor. Other companies, Gunnars, Zeiss and Zenni Optical. Zenni, as we know offers $8.95 frame and lens packages, Lenscrafters is Luxottica. Where Is The Independent Eyecare Professional?

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Eyecare professionals have not done a good job of speaking about this on their websites. This is what comes up in another search. blue-light-optican


On top of that, it is getting increasingly more competitive and other optical companies are looking at this market:

  • V Glass (France) was at Silmo is advertising Blue light lenses.
  • Blueberry (France) is all about Blue Light 16,000+ Likes on Facebook
  • Urban Owl (Greece) a Give Back company recieved all their funding via Indiegogo for their blue light eyewear. Over 13,300 Likes on Facebook and is an online company.
  • BLEP Eyewear (Atlanta, GA) started by optometrist will wholesale and of course retails their blue light eyewear.
  • Collins Brand (Kickstarter _is advertising Vision Saving Lenses, which of course means blue light.
  • Felix Gray Eyewear (NY, NY) launched via Indiegogo markets themselves as a computer lens.
  • Gauss Eyewear (Germany) launched via Kickstarter is about computer i.e. blue light eyewear.

Eyecare professionals can beef up their websites and address blue light, the harmful effects and your solutions, put signage, ask in the exam chair and more.



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