Latest Social Media Survey From Pew Research


Pew Research just came out with a new study on the frequency of Social Media Use. Taken in September of 2014 the findings are interesting and a good marketing tool for Pew Research_2015-01-09_social-media-new_03eyecare professionals. If you are questioning if your Facebook is working, whether you should try another Social Media Platform and looking at better and or niche target marketing, take a look at some of the latest statistics.

Interesting to Note:

  • Over 50% of online adults are using tow or more social media sites. (2013 stats= 42%)
  • Over 50% of online adults 65+ are using Facebook  (31% of all seniors)
  • Over 53% of young adults (18-29) are using Instagram. Of those 53%, 49% use Instagram Dails.
  • 50% of online users with a college education are using Linked IN.
  • 42% of online Women use Pinterest.
  • 23% of adult internets uses Twitter

Facebook number of users is not growing. Of note, the 30-49 years old are declining, yet the 65+ are increasing. If you want to capture the 30 year old, consider another platform.


Twitter is growing, especially among men and the 65+.

Pew-TwitterI_2015-01-09_social-media-new_01 Instagram has major increases in all categories.

Pew- Instagram-I_2015-01-09_social-media-new_02

We have seen more and more followers on Pinterest, many are Eyecare Providers.

Pew- Pinterest-I_2015-01-09_social-media-demos_04

What would be interesting as to how this survey stacks up against your patients.

Read the full Survey Here on Pew Research 


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