LARA D’ Diamond

Artisan- Lara D'Alpaos

Italian Craftsmanship + Artistic Luxury Design

Italian artisan brand, LARA D’ highlights three luxury frames in the precious Diamond Line for women following the exceptional success of the launch concept at Mido 2019. 100% Made in Italy, each of the Diamond frames recalls a classic shape, reinventing it with a chic, architectural rim and delightful sparkling finish.

Introducing the most feminine collection of luxurious couture frames designed by LARA D’, expertly crafted by hand and covered in natural diamond powder by highly accomplished goldsmiths. Created to make an eye-catching statement, the three lightweight Diamond models are produced in a chic metal with a glamorous, shiny 24-carat 2-micron gold plating.

The upper rim of each shape has a sophisticated architecturally inspired double structure decorated near the eyebrows with the shimmering polycrystalline diamonds to highlight the expression of the eyes. A beautiful and dazzling play of light is created, illuminating the face and the natural complexion of the wearer with finesse and quality, only achieved with meticulous attention to the finest details.

Model: Luna by LARA D’

A round, contemporary shape characterises model Luna, a frame with a deeply feminine allure and effortless individuality. The diamond-coated rim reflects the contours of the moon, the shape that inspired the frame name ‘Luna’ and its soft, curvaceous sculpted look.

Model: Fenice by LARA D’

Named after the famous 18th-century Venetian opera house, model Fenice is an inventively shaped angular design with a gentle upwards sweep. The fine gold lines of the base frame are complemented to perfection with the diamond-coated upper rim.

Model: Stella by LARA D’

As the name itself suggests, model Stella is a ‘star’ in the LARA D’ Diamond collection. Typical of the brand’s innovative spirit, this unique style reinvents a classic Catseye with a statement upper rim, and daring double bridge detail.

Artisan- Lara D’Alpaos
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