Kirk & Kirk Centena


Centena the latest Kirk & Kirk collection uses a special grade of Italian acrylic as an alternative to the usual acetate which gives the frames a lightweight quality offering the wearer comfort, style, luminosity, and function. For the first time in eyewear manufacturing, the Centena collection uses handcrafted 10mm acrylic, substantial, yet lightweight each frame is a design statement. The frame design uses beveled and angled edges and shapes, throwing light across the face.

Kirk & Kirk have become synonymous for their experimental use of color, and sympathetic and creative frame shapes within the eyewear industry, the Centena collection is no exception drawing on the 100-year legacy. As with Jason’s grandfather and great-uncle, Sidney and Percy, Jason and Karen are constantly looking for ways to innovate and educate both customer and industry, looking to the future and drawing inspiration from their heritage, from materials to customer services.

As a designer, Karen Kirk is inspired by sculpture, architecture, Murano and Moser glass. With a background in graphic design, Karen is inspired by design and art but as an optical designer and wearer, she is focused on ensuring that the frames flatter the face and compliment the style of the wearer.

The Centena Collection is available in 10 unique and flattering styles across 10 mono-color options. Each frame is like an individual sculpture revealing the glass -like properties of the material and the confident angles and shapes of the frames.

“Colour in eyewear is an art. Just like makeup or clothing, some colors will suit you better than others. Your eyes have a very definite color that can be enhanced with a hint of blue or a touch of green to complement the hazel.” Says Jason.




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