Kimberly-Clark Professional Adds Safety Eyewear To Its Innovative RightCycle Program


Just in time for Earth Day, Kimberly-Clark Professional has further expanded its innovative recycling program, The RightCycle Program, to include protective eyewear from labs, cleanrooms, and industrial facilities.

The RightCycle Program is the first large-scale recycling program for non-hazardous lab, cleanroom and industrial waste. Since its launch in 2011, the program has diverted more than 500 tons of waste from landfills by sending used nitrile gloves and apparel to recyclers in the United States where they are turned into plastic pellets that are used to create new consumer goods.

Now, used eyewear also will be given a second life. This is the third category of single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be recycled through the program, joining nitrile gloves and single-use apparel and accessories.

“Our customers are looking for ways to remove nontraditional items from their solid waste streams,” said Jill Walter, eye protection category manager, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Protective eyewear is an important addition to The RightCycle Program because it can make up a significant portion of waste for scientific and industrial facilities. For a facility with 200 employees who get a new pair of safety glasses on each shift, that’s an estimated 1.3 metric tons of annual waste, or the weight of over 88 car tires, which can now be diverted from the landfill.”

The four product families of Kimberly-Clark Professional safety eyewear that can be recycled through the program include Nemesis, Visio, Element and Unispec – with a wide range of coverage, from simple visitor’s glasses to those that protect workers in heavy production environments.

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