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I am having difficulty creating this post today as I know don’t have the writing talent to communicate the energy and information that Jon Landau brought to us in his keynote talk on 3D: Past, Present, Future on Friday 1/28/11. Jon Landau is the Oscar winning producer of Titanic and Avatar just to mention two of his films!

Jon Landau and Mike Hundert

I will do my best – Some key points from Jon Landau’s talk as it relates to 3D eyeglasses and the future of eyewear. He says “3D  is all about an engaging experience, it transports you – life is in 3D so it is only natural that our screens are in 3D”

Most of us accept that 3D is here to stay but I don’t think most of us are thinking about how it will be pushing the boundaries of technology and 3D glasses and eyewear. It will be evolving beyond what we can imagine. But there are people that can imagine and they are the ones that will be making it a reality.

For example,  I learned on Friday  that James Cameron had written Avatar before Titanic was filmed but the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and digital filming technology did not exist then for it to be produced. Jon showed us how the filming of The Abyss (1989), the first feature film to use Photoshop led to the innovations that allowed Terminator 2’s (1991) special effects that in turn led to the reality of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park (1993) and then to Lord of the Rings (2001). The virtual production that allowed the making of Avatar was available by 2005 – you get the picture!

The cynic in me hears a little voice saying “3D movies are just a fad” but the statistics Jon provided refute this e.g.:

  • Avatar did 83% of its business on 3D screens
  • 33,000 movie screens around the world can show 3D films
  • 250 million people wearing 3D eyeglasses
  • The best 3D TV available is also the best HDTV available
  • TV is now driving 3D and it took only 17 months to get from 3D movies to 3D TV
  • February 24, 2011 ESPN will be broadcasting 24/7 in 3D
  • Eyestrain issues are gone due to newer projection technology

3D glasses are for the long term and that is exciting for those of us in the optical industry. We will be seeing all kinds of 3D eyewear innovation that allows for prescription 3D eyewear that is comfortable and stylish.

For those of us asking the question about the different 3D technologies, Jon predicts the “Passive” 3D technology that uses a polarized filter to  create the illusion of 3D will be the standard as it is more wearable and cost efficient than “Active”.

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Thank you to Mike Hundert, REM Eyewear and The Vision Council.

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  1. Great post Shirley and thanks for sharing. Very encouraging to hear these predictions straight from the pioneers of what we believe will become the standard in visual entertainment!

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  2. Is anyone selling optical quality 3D eyewear patient? Are patients asking for 3D glasses? Is this market here now or way in the future?

  3. Live Eyewear’s Cocoons 3D collection feature optically correct lenses (optical quality) that are designed to provide exceptional visual acuity.

    Due to the fact that Cocoons 3D are designed to be worn over corrective eyewear, we take great measures to ensure our lenses are of the highest quality and will not detract from the corrected vision provided by the ophthalmic frames. With that in mind, Cocoons 3D also present an optical quality 3D experience for those that do not wear corrective eyewear.

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    Happy Viewing!


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