Its Ugly Christmas Sweater Time


Here is my funny Ugly Christmas Sweater story. Last year, my niece was invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. She had the nerve to come and ask me if I had any UGLY Christmas Sweaters. (I did not) I told her both my sister and mother had plenty of Christmas sweatshirts and sweaters. She got a sweater from my mother and neglected to tell my mother it was for an UGLY Christmas party. My mother went on and on how cute my niece was in the sweater and how she could keep it. My niece thought she should win the UGLY Christmas Sweater prize… As they say.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

OK.. story time over.. Last year we did a post on Having An Ugly Christmas Party. The time is closing in for the start of Holiday parties and potentially UGLY Christmas parties. Try having an UGLY Christmas Party Contest on Facebook. How fun would that be?

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

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