It’s Easy Being Green With Eyewear Envy


Personally I love green and am awaiting my new Green Ete frame, just in time for Vision Expo and St. Patricks Day!  Getting in the mood for St. Patricks Day, there are plenty of green eyewear choices to be made. Many offices have stayed away from the color green thinking it difficult to sell, where in reality most redheads, blondes can wear green and many dark haired women as well, just as long as it’s the right green against skin tones.

Some of our pics:

OGI Style 2221 in Green and Brown

From OGI- Green and Tan coloration is definitely and Irish Look. The Tan on the frame front accented by the temples are perfect for those who think brown is basic, yet want a little snazzy detail.

ClearVision BCBG Autumn in Olive

From ClearVision BCBG collection in an Olive Green. Olive green can be worn by both men and women, goes with cameo and is perfect coloring for almost anyone. One of my favorite sunglasses is out of this Olive green translucent look and I have had more compliments on these sunglasses.

Classique Eyewear- FYSH style # 3303

From Classique Eyewear in the FYSH collection. I love this lime green with the black highlighting on the top bar. I know women who show wear this frame, it is perfect for those white blond women who have such light eyebrows or really any women who would love to hide or enhance their browline. Nice cosmetic touch on the eyewear.

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