It Won’t Happen To Me: National Disaster Preparedness Month


Most of us think it will never happen to us. Disaster! When and if it comes are you and staff prepared?  There are an estimated 50 earthquakes every day in the world.  1-3 hurricanes approach the US every year . Wiki Answers says there are 200,000 tornados every year in the US, 5,300 wildfires, 1,000’s of floods, winter storms (Sandy) and heat (Texas), 9 active volcanoes (Washington and Hawaii) Landslides (WA), Tsunamis ( Hawaii, California, Alaska).  Add in a few oil spills, terrorists and the like and it can be devastating.  In 2011 Natural disasters cost insurance companies over $32 Billion.

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, which makes this the perfect opportunity to review your disaster policies and staff preparation.

To Do List
  • Call insurance company to see if up to date on your policy.
  • Call local fire and police departments for up to date information. and if your office is as secured as possible.
  • Create Emergency Contact List and Password list.
  • Create local authority contact list, including Fire, Policy, FEMA and Insurance companies.
  • Update Employee Manual with Disaster policies and procedures.
  • Update a Disaster Checklist to include what needs to be stocked and checked.
  • Get Employees involved and discuss at Staff Meeting and practice evacuation and policies.
  • Back Up records, Get on The Cloud, back up, back and back up some more.
  • Double check you have emergency and disaster kits, including first aid, flashlights, batteries and battery operated radio, matches,  Those cell phones are Not going to work.

We hope it doesn’t happen to any of us, take care to lessen the bite by being prepared.


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