Is Your Eyecare Office Boring?


Last week I went to Cost-Co and spent $242.00. I also went to Trader Joes and spent $50.00. The reason I spent so much, is both stores re-arranged the merchandise and I was forced to explore and walk into aisles that I never venture in AND bought products that I normally wouldn’t buy. Just by rearranging merchandise, I was inspired to shop more.

It struck me after the fact, is how many times have I been in an office and the staff wants to exchange product because they are bored with it? Or they think the patients are bored with it. After my last spending trip, it occurred to me, they are not bored with the product, they are bored with the office decor. You don’t have to return product, a costly thing to do to perk up the office and staff! Take some tips from very successful retailers and Re-arrange, Re-merchandise,  Re-focus and Re-energize your staff and patients. A little internal merchandising adds excitement, can encourage patients to browse (a good thing) displays can scream ‘BUY ME’ and enhance the customer experience.

Eye Bogglers

  • As much as 80% of all sales are generated at the point of purchase by signage, displays and events.
  • Signage has been shown to increase the sale of an item by over 40% than by any other event that is being held.

That said- This is a very good time to evaluate your office decor and merchandising.

Step 1- First Evaluate Your Showroom (Be honest)

  1. Is it Warm and Inviting?
  2. Is it Dramatic?
  3. Does it have color ?
  4. Is it Interactive?
  5. Does it hold the eye?
  6. Does it encourage you to buy?.
  7. Is it Clean?
  8. Do you have Music?
  9. What does it Smell like?
  10. Can you find your products?
  11. Would you shop here?

Step 2 Do the Displays Silent Sell?

  1. Presentation of products- orderly, by brand, or a mixed up mess?
  2. Products- do you have signage that reaches out to customers?
  3. Persuasive- Do the displays scream ‘Buy Me”

Step 3 Set Up The Daily Pre-Flight  Checklist

Every day, someone should be assigned to merchandise the store. This is the pilot steering the plane. No matter how many times they have flown they still go through the pre-flight checklist. This person is responsible to set the office up TO DO BUSINESS.

All of that said, I can hear your objections already: We don’t have time, the patients just mess everything up, we don’t know how. Bottom line is- make the time, get vendor help to merchandise and make it a part of everyday responsibilities. It is way too competitive in the eyecare industry to let merchandising and decor slide by the wayside.

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