Is Optical a Retail Jungle?


I don’t know the answer to my own question “Is Optical a Retail Jungle?” but I aim to find out by reading Jeff LaPlante’s newly published book.

I have known Jeff for many years, we worked together at Signet Armorlite where I often saw his presentations and optical sales training. I was always impressed and often surprised because Jeff always had something different to say! I am sure his book will as well and I can’t wait to read it as it.

This is what Jeff himself has to say about it:

The Retail Jungle is not meant to be strictly a text book on “How to Sell in Retail”… neither is it a simplistic read. Within these pages you will hear the story of becoming a true Professional Sales Guide and what troubles you may run into along this path.

But most importantly it may shine a light on those trekking this trail, to help discover what sales means to you, those with whom you work and those you desire to assist.

Inside you will find information pertaining to skills, attitude, and perseverance when overcoming obstacles and objections; all of which are vital to success in retail.

There will be some areas which may make you uncomfortable; whether you’re Staff or Management – and that’s good. When we get too comfortable in anything we all tend to become forgetful of the important values and lessons each of us has learned along the way. New ideas and fresh perspectives should be welcomed at every stage in a career.

Hopefully, this book will refresh some old lessons we should have learned, teach us a few new lessons we ought to understand, and give you a few smiles along the way.

– J.T. LaPlante

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