Is it Possible to Stay Up-to-Date With Fast Changing Technology?


Unless one works in the high tech field it is pretty hard to keep up with the fast pace of business technology changes. And retail is constantly evolving how is possible to keep current and know what is relevant and what isn’t?  David Friedfeld of ClearVision Optical sent me an article via Flipboard. My first reaction is not to read about the subject but  almost in a panic say to myself “should I know more about Flipboard, should we be on Flipboard? Should we be using Flipboard for our blog?”

Fast Company Magazine recently had an article about the world’s 50 most innovative companies. I recognized the names of maybe half! Number 1 was Nike so that was an easily recognized name, then of course Apple and Amazon were on the list! Pinterest was listed #6 and I am glad to say thanks to Cathy we were early adapters getting on there. But #3 Square, #4 Splunk and #5 Fab,  I did not recognize them. Should I know them, maybe not but not knowing makes me feel a little insecure so how does one keep up to date with what is relevant and changing the way we do business? I think it is impossible to be aware of all of it but not impossible to be observant and look around and see what’s going on.

One of our Pinterest Boards
One of our Pinterest Boards – Eyewear Technology

At least being aware can help one see change happening. Subscribing to a few periodicals such as Fast Company Magazine, WSJ and not reading and watching so much distracting TV and Internet junk! There are so many distractions it is easy to lose focus. I almost feel like I am back in school and need to go to class and goof off less! Basically that is how I am going to approach my own education of staying somewhat up-to-date. Maybe I will go to a conference here and there that has speakers from entrepreneurial companies. You might wonder why this is relevant.

For our business, optical specifically the way people communicate, get information and make purchases is extremely relevant. For example Yelp is on FCM’s list because “it is the star of local advertising” and square for “providing that mobile payments can be as easy as saying your name”.

In answer to my question Is it Possible to Stay Up-to-Date With Fast Changing Technology? I would say it is difficult so pay attention and be very selective. It is probably more important to do whatever you are doing well but  be open to new ideas and to experiment!


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