Is It Hot Enough For You?


No, not global warming – frame warming. 

We recently got in an eyeglass frame and with it came this notice: A co-worker posted it next to the frame warmers and that got me to thinking…

What the heck is 70-80 C?

Is that cool, warm, hot, really hot, blistering scalding screaming hot?

Well it turns out that 70-80 C is equal to 158 – 176 F.

Next I went on Amazon and bought a laser thermometer for $15 and started reading away.

Now what does 167 degrees Fahrenheit feel like?

Skin will burn at anything over 100 with serious damage occurring past 120.

Here are some numbers for you:

  • Hot water out of the tap = 120
  • Your car dashboard in full sun in summer = 190+
  • Pavement on a summer day – 125
  • Stated range of a new, variable, hot air frame warmer = 130 – 230  Of course you may have a nice new fancy one but most of us have equipment that dates from the early seventies!
  • The core of our 20+ year old non-variable hot air frame warmer = 270+
  • The exhaust of our 20+ year old non-variable hot air frame warmer = 150 +/- 5
  • Our 40+ year old bead pan = core beads 250 surface layer 160
  • The surface temperature of a junk metal frame left in our hot air frame warmer for 1 minute = 105

Anyway, you get the idea… numbers written on a piece of paper are meaningless without a thermometer!

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