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I just downloaded on my iPhone the Coupon Sherpa (FREE). Instead of clipping coupons and getting even more junk mail, you can use coupons on your iphone! All the clerk has to do is scan the coupon from the phone. Makes a alot of sense to me. It offers you coupons by your area- so you can target market better!

“We know that paper coupons will not be completely replaced, but providing consumers and retailers with an outlet for mobile coupons is a positive start towards reducing the waste created by the mountains of mail we all receive,” said Luke Knowles, who created Coupon Sherpa with his brother Jesse Knowles. “In the future, an increasing amount of coupons will be presented on mobile devices, and that will be great for the environment.”

Here the clincher- They have coupon savings for Lenscrafters and Pearle Vision- It would seem to me, that this might be an opportunity to offer savings to those consumers who are using technology. And it’s FREE! FREE to download and FREE for Merchants to sign up.

Why Coupon Sherpa:

1.) Reach Millions of Shoppers who have iPhone and iPod Touch

2.) Green your Business- no need for costly direct mail advertisements

3.) Merchants and manage their own coupons via a web application.

4.) Target Market- you can target your coupons to your specific area.

5.) Be one of the first retailers to use this technology- why should you let your competition get there before you

6.) Increase Office Traffic-

7.) Appeal to the Technology-Driven and those patients and potential patients that are shopping online

8.) It’s Free- Coupon Sherpa is free to retailers.

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