IOT Launches New Corporate Look And Feel


IOT is dedicated to innovation in optical technology. As a result, the company is in a constant state of growth and evolution. IOT’s change in brand identity is part of an overall strategy to better communicate its unique culture, values, and approach to market. The new website and social media profiles were designed to help the company share optical knowledge as well as information about IOT products, services and the unique experience of partnering with IOT.

IOT was founded in Madrid, Spain in 2005 with a singular focus on freeform digital lens design. Over the past 13 years it has become a global leader in optical technology including not only design, but also photochromic lenses, foundational ophthalmic lens research and consulting services that include wearer trials, lens processing, professional education and industry, and consumer marketing.

Tina Lahti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IOT America, explains the reason for the change: “We had the desire to change our corporate look to make it better reflect the company IOT has become. We are absolutely dedicated to innovation for our partners. Innovation moves the world forward and improves people’s lives. That’s why we invest so much, over 30% of our revenue, into research and development. At IOT we have more than twice as many people in technical and R&D roles than in sales and marketing.”

The new logo retains the three letters I, O and T, which are now lowercase in thick typography and simple shapes to transmit strength and closeness. The line of the top of the logo is an incline, showing a vision of the future, and the line at the bottom is straight reflecting a solid base. The center of the O is a negative image of an eye with light entering it. This symbolizes both IOT’s core business, optical technology, and its openness to freely sharing knowledge and expertise with partners to help them create their own vision of success. The brighter blue color works in conjunction with the new shape to create a logo that is unique, modern and innovative, like IOT.

IOT works with the goal of being a valuable resource to its partners. IOT’s new website and social media profiles are designed to be a resource for the optical industry. These platforms will include information on IOT products and services, and in-depth optical and lens knowledge including research data and peer-reviewed published articles written by scientists at IOT.

Daniel Crespo, President and CEO of IOT, says, “Our new corporate image embodies the philosophy of the company. We put our partners at the center of our business, so we can work together as one team and create solutions that are completely customized to their businesses. It is our mission at IOT to offer our business partners the technology and services they need to manufacture the best lenses in the world.”




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