IOT Launches Camber Steady AT VEE17



IOT presents the latest innovation in dual sided digital progressive lenses, Camber Steady progressive addition lenses, exclusively with Camber lens blanks.

Torrance, Ca ‐ March, 2017The new Camber Steady provides more efficient vision through superb image stability while further enhancing the visual and aesthetic benefits that Camber technology brought to the ophthalmic industry.

Since their release, Camber lenses have been constantly evolving to improve wearer benefits and offer useful solutions to help laboratories meet changing market needs. This continuous progress has led to Camber Steady, our most advanced Camber lens.

Camber Steady utilizes a new patent pending design methodology to reduce mean power error in the periphery, leading to a significant reduction in lateral aberrations. The result is a reduction of both swim and peripheral power error.

Camber Steady keeps all the benefits of past Camber PAL designs while also providing truly superior peripheral vision. It is the ideal lens for active wearers who want a comfortable PAL that offers high definition vision even in dynamic conditions.

Visit IOT at Vision Expo East booth LP 4261 or email, visit Camber Lens for more information. 

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