Innovation And Digitalization – Luxottica At MIDO


At MIDO 2018, Luxottica’s space was transformed into a digital area where the latest products and the brand’s key stories were showcased on floor-to-ceiling screens. The virtual display of products and emotional videos resulted in inventive and impactful storytelling, allowing visitors to explore the many brands and discover new ideas through a fresh and innovative lens.

For the first time ever, no glasses were physically present, but instead displayed virtually, utilizing technology such as the “Virtual Try On” and interactive holograms. Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a dynamic and emotional experience, relaxing in a genuine “digital lounge” where they could discover and explore the world of the Luxottica portfolio’s brands displayed in a digital and interactive format.

A large area was dedicated to Ray-Ban, the most famous eyewear brand in the world. Cutting-edge design meets the most revolutionary technologies in the new Ray-Ban prescription lenses. Ray-Ban glasses are now truly tailored to their wearers, featuring lenses that allow consumers to combine the style they love with the prescription lenses they need.

The Luxottica space also allowed visitors to experience the world of Oakley, and in particular the Prizm lenses that boast innovative technology that adjusts visibility and adapts it for a number of sports and environments. Many models were on display, with one of the most notable being the Harmony Fade special collection, a pure encapsulation of sophisticated design and innovation. With the launch of the new collection, Oakley also opens a new chapter in the One Obsession campaign, that encourages athletes from across the world to live out and give a voice to their passions.

Finally, there was also Vogue Eyewear, with images taken from the #ShowYourVogue campaign and Gigi Hadid as the brand’s ambassador, as well as an extensive and modern range of products.

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