Influencer Fail?


Last fall we wrote about Kim Kardashian being paid 6 million dollars as part of a partnership with Israeli brand Carolina Lemke. There were high hopes and high expectations that the star power of Kim Kardashian could make a big splash with the fashion eyewear division of Castro Model.

The line, designed by Kim Kardashian West, apparently did not reach sales expectation. Of the 100,000 pairs of sunglasses made, only 20,000 were sold. In September, Kim Kardashian West received a payment of $6 million and a 10% stake in the U.S. division of Carolina Lemke as part of her collaboration.

Castro, Carolina Lemke, and Kim Kardashian are giving the venture another go with a new collection set to be released this month.

Is this a sign that online influencers are in decline? At a time when “influencers” can charge upwards of $1 million for an Instagram post, are consumers becoming more leery about believing what their celebrity du jour is recommending? Millennials and Generation Z are showing more interest in authenticity than they are in salesmanship. They have a much lower brand trust than previous generations.

Was it something else? The marketing? The design? Time will tell. Let’s watch and see what happens with the new collaboration before making the final judgment.

How closely do you follow the commercial advice of your favorite stars and celebrities? Do celebrity brands sell better in your stores?

Kala Mid Page


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