Independent Opticians And VSP Updates


This is the recent news we received from the OAA regarding VSP and Out Of Network Claim Filings. For more information, contact VSP directly or the Optician Association of America

The Opticians Association of America has learned some new information about VSP’s out of network claim filing policies.

VSP has always given its members the option of going out of network for services if they desired.  A member of VSP would then be responsible for filing the correct paperwork in order to receive their out of network benefit.

VSP has recently changed its policy, so that an out of network provider can now file the proper paperwork on behalf of the VSP member and be reimbursed directly; however VSP is not able to reimburse the out of network provider electronically.

VSP had already been allowing out of network providers in selected states to file for reimbursement in this manner, but they have now expanded this process to all states.  The policy change was made to help VSP members who choose to go out of network for services.

OAA will continue to push for independent opticians to be in service providers, but we view the recent change by VSP as a solid first step for all of the VSP members who choose to see an independent optician.

Chris Allen

Executive Director

Opticians Association of Americ

Feb31 Mid 519