Incredible Infographic: Why Do Glasses Cost So Much?


Wake Forest Family Eyecare has an interesting Website, of which I found this Incredible Infographic on Eyewear Investment. Since I get asked several times a month on this very question- Why Do Glasses Cost So Much, thought I would share this infographic, as this is their response to the eternal question of Why do Glasses Cost So Much. Listed below is what I tell my friends, what do you tell your patients, tell us in your comments below.

My answer to friends and family is this:

  • If you are buying a designer brand, you are also paying for the licensing fee which can be from 3-10% of the cost.
  • You are also paying for the free eyeglass case, cleaning cloth
  • You are also paying for quality
  • You are paying for warrantees
  • The type of lenses you purchase will also be included in the pricing.
  • The coatings, scratch coat, UV, AR so important you will be most likely paying extra for or are included in the price.
  • You are paying for the education and skills of the optician, paraoptometric, optometrists, ophthalmologists and all staff.
  • You are paying for the personal attention, the customer service to get eyeglasses fixed, adjusted
  • You are paying for eye health

I also ask, why do Mercedes cost so much? How much do you pay for your shoes?


Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. I have used the shoe question and it often does not work. For women I have been asking the number of purses they have and tell them they need a pair of glasses for each purse so they match the fashion statement they are making with each purse. It seems better but is not perfect. I have given up on men.

  2. Shoes are good! I tell my friends, its all about what looks good, feels good and quality and production. That seems to work!

  3. I ask patients back, Is there a price on outstanding doctor care? Think of it as your daily cup of coffee. Starbucks costs about $5 per cup. If you divide the total amount you’re paying for your glasses by the amount of days you’re wearing them, it doesn’t add up to a cup of coffee.

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