Increase Sales with an Eyecare Sales Room


‘Learn the magic of creating traffic stopping stores, stores that help create compelling and distinctive experiences for the customer. Like the experience of entering a store and be surrounded by light, color, texture, and sound, and be transported to a different place. Learn to create interactive sales rooms (not showrooms) to engage the customer in the product you sell and the brand. Make the product the hero, but dont be just about the product. Store environments should incorporate also activism, art, music, culture, green and everything that matters to the customer. Learn about key visual merchandising components that you can rely on to create powerful experiences for the customer, such as atmospherics (graphics; props; music; smell; store literature; using product as a visual tool; videos.), color personality, customer focus, customer experience, focal points, impact zoning, layout structure, orientation (signage; layout; directories; product benefits; logical adjacencies; promotional flow), technology in store, traffic magnets, windows, brand enhancement and a lot more.’

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