In Memory of John Lennon


John Ono Lennon  born John Winston Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980).  I think that more has been written about John Lennon than any other singer, more art has been created about John Lennon and his iconic eyewear.  He was killed by Mark Chapman in New York City as he and Oko Ono were entering the Dakota.

A least one of John Lennon’s eyeglasses was an Oliver Goldsmith.

In 2007 a rare pair of John Lennon glasses went up for auction at an undisclosed prices (over $1 Million)

The Beatle’s gold wire rimmed sunglasses were owned by Japanese TV producer, Junishi Yore who got them back in 1966 when he worked as a translator for the Beatles, They came with a handwritten note from Yore explaining how he came to get them from Lennon

Other Historical Pricing:

  • Christie’s International sold a pair for $8,625 in 1996,
  • A pair of Lennon’s yellow-tinted glasses sold 55,000 pounds ($111,645) in 2005

My best memories of John Lennon, were cruising the streets of La Jolla in a Red Dodge Dart convertible singing Hey Jude, HELP and Revolution at the top of our lungs. Later in 1980 while hitchhiking through England, I walked across Abbey Road.. such defining moments! And the shock of John and Oko naked in bed on an album cover..

Does anyone have any defining John Lennon and or Beatles moments? Who was your favorite Beatle?

John Lennon  Eyewear is distributed by Eagle Eyewear and Adlens (variable Focus eyeglasses). Beatles Eyewear is distributed by Revolution Eyewear. 

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