iCoat Launches Blue Light Filtering AR Coating


Blue light has become a very hot topic and will continue to be an issue as technology continues to grow. A leader in coatings, iCoat optical surfacing lab developed “Indigo, a new blue light filtering AR coating.

Indigo™ AR features selective blue light blocking technology ()that helps minimize high-energy blue-violet light thereby reducing digital eye strain and visual discomfort caused by harmful blue light. Indigo™ also provides protection against scratches, dust, moisture, smudges, and back-surface UV reflections. Indigo™ AR is an excellent choice for addressing digital eye strain associated with Computer Vision Syndrome, the number one computer-related eye health complaint in the U.S.

icoat Blue Lightjpg

More: Since its inception, iCoat Company has been a pioneer in developing lens treatment technologies and this is a step forward in its continuing efforts to provide better visual acuity and true protection from harmful blue light for improved eye health. iCoat Company

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