I Love the Caribbean – They Love FastGrind

Dr. Emeka Ezenyi from Excellent Vision Optometrists, Tobago

I love the Caribbean and have taken many vacations there over my adult life time, visiting a lot of different islands. Antigua was my first and when I fell instantly in love with the region. I probably fell in love because my first visit was during a rainy cold winter from native England. But it wasn’t just the sparkling blue sea and sunshine it was also the warmth and friendliness of the people that seduced me. As soon as I heard that lilting voice of my host, he had me at “hello”.

I have also visited Turks and Caicos, Barbados, The US Virgin Islands, The British Virgin Islands, Nevis and St. Kitts to name just a few. Most of the islands have much in common but one of the toughest factors is the “island” economy which is often dependent on tourism plus everything has to be imported via air or ship which is expensive and time consuming. The islands’ business people are good at rising to the challenge. One business area that shines as bright as the Caribbean Sea itself  is Optical. Many of the best ECPs come to Vision Expo East to learn about as well as buy optical products and services.

Dr. Emeka Ezenyi from Excellent Vision Optometrists, Tobago
Dr. Emeka Ezenyi from Excellent Vision Optometrists, Tobago

This year at Vision Expo East, I met Dr. Emeka Ezenyi from Excellent Vision Optometrists, Tobago. I tried to buddy up as this is an island on my wish list still to visit. But Dr. Ezenyi was all business as he was checking out the latest from FastGrind. It turns out that FastGrind has seen more of the Caribbean islands than I have including these islands still on my list to visit: St. Vincent, Aruba, Trinidad and Grenada …..

It makes sense, the FastGrind modified surfacing system, allows the independent optometrist or optician to produce prescription lenses in-office without the large investment in equipment, space, and skilled labor that is required with traditional surfacing methods. This can be a crucial time and money saver for these island businesses.

Here is a testimonial from another Caribbean customer: Dr Marlene Smith-Day – Jamaica

As an optician operating outside of the US, I believe that the FastGrind System was an advantage in getting my optical laboratory up and running from scratch; for more reasons than one. First, with the FastGrind System, my patient return rate is much faster; less than an hour. Second, the software was very user friendly and made it easier for me to familiarize myself. It was faster than I thought. Finally, the staff at Super Optical is always available to answer any questions or problems that I have encountered in the past, and they make sure that I have everything that I want to make my business operate successfully. I would recommend the FastGrind System to any optical business who is interested in starting up their own optical lab.’

Next trip… any suggestions?

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