Humorous Ways to Deal with Recession Fears


A great article in the Sunday San Diego Union was talking about the creative and fun ways businesses are coming up with in dealing with the recession. I really liked the idea of the Soup-Line Party in which guests were invited to BYOB (bring your own bowl), in which they received a free ladle of soup. (They filled the restaurant)

What these businesses are doing is trying to add humor and fun, while bringing in people. Why not- especially in these times, sometimes laughter (and maybe a little gallow- humor) can help us get through the day.

Eye Bogglers

  • Recent research has revealed that laughter reduces stress, burns off calories and improves digestion. It can reduce the heart-rate and stimulate the appetite. When we laugh we secrete hormones that stimulate the heart and act as natural painkillers
  • Doctors believe that laughter therapy is useful for those suffering from insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, joint pains, diabetes and other stress-related problems
  • On an average day, an adult barely laughs five times, whereas a child who has no tension, laughs 150 times

If all of the above is true- why not have your office be a place of laughter and fun- not just for the optical staff, but your patients as well.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage