Hoya Vision Care Labs Have Optical Patients Too!



What do we mean by Hoya Vison Care Labs have optical patients too? We went to Hoya Vision Care’s  San Diego lab facility recently to interview the Customer Service department and we asked them to name their number one goal and the answer that Elsa Caldwell, the Customer Service Supervisor gave us without any hesitation was “to keep the optical patient happy”. The Hoya Vision Care San Diego customer service team has been together many years, some are from the original Sierra Optical Lab and have been with the company 20 years. They each take about 100 calls a day.

Hoya Vision Care San Diego Customer Service
Hoya Vision Care San Diego Customer Service

We talked about the problems encountered on a daily basis and many of them relate to the information provided for the optical patient’s prescription, usually the lens material, PD or seg height.  Sometimes it is an unsuitable frame for the Rx. We asked Elsa and her team the best way to deal with these issues and it comes down to education and systems that can minimize mistakes. On the education side Hoya Vision Care provides online education as well as on-site programs. For new opticians there is Hoya Optics 101 which has all the basics. As far as minimizing errors and getting the correct information, approximately 70% of Hoya’s customers use Eyeconnect which has all the Rx information sent electronically or it can be entered by Hoya’s customer service people over the phone. this program will show lots of useful details including lens thickness, true curve, cut out and will recommend the best lens and material for the prescription. All of this helps reduce errors. There are more than 40 steps to make a lens to prescription so that is a lot of steps to make sure everything is correct.

We asked if there was anything new that might create misunderstandings or errors for the optical customer and the issue that sometimes a patient has chosen a new, really good lens design and material but has made a bad frame choice for their RX.  We will do an article on this subject soon as we have heard this before and we know that no matter how excellent lenses are they can’t make up for a bad frame choice or provide magical solutions! We think high quality, expensive lenses in a cheap poor quality frame is a crime but more about that later!

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